A New Beginning

I’ve had a chance to reflect on things over the course of this year and have also come to a few decisions about the future direction of this website.

At present I want to make this website into an Illustrated blog about my interests and things I find useful. I aim to Illustrate articles on Folklore, Mythology and other things within my experience (including art and Illustration of course). In short I want to have a bit of fun with it for a while whilst building a body of work.

I took down the galleries from my coursework for the present because I’m still not sure how best to present such work with it being quite development / student based, but the work from my Final Major Project can be seen at www.taleofstone.com and I will continue to develop this project.



Sculpting a Squirrel

I’m warming back into my Tales of Stone Project after a little break. I want to make some 3D reference for my comic. There are quite a lot of squirrel characters in Episode 1 which I still want to explore by doing some more character designs and studies.

I made a model using silver foil and Super Sculpey:

Early stage model

squirrel early stage back

squirrel early stage front

squirrel early stage side

Added details

squirrel early stage2 back

squirrel early stage2 front

squirrel early stage2 side front

Baked Model

squirrel baked side

squirrel baked side2

squirrel baked from top

squirrel baked front

squirrel baked front2

I want to make a cast of this model in Plaster of Paris rather than paint directly onto it because I have found sculpey to be a bit fragile and I want to try different paint designs.

A Trip to Wonderland

Katherine and I had a nice day out in Wonderland (Telford) this weekend. It was nice to re-live some childhood memories although things have changed a little since I last went around 29 years ago.

I thought it was a nice woodland walk with some sculptural fantasy inspired art work to boot. Katherine said it was more relaxing than Disney Land.
We got lost in the maze for a while though.

Here are some pictures I took.

Moving House

I recently completed a Foundation Diploma in Art, Media and Design at Telford College of Arts and Technology. I achieved distinction level.

Their art department had had a complete re-design last year and their facilities, students and staff are amazing. I had a great time (apart from the Glandular Fever LOL) and I would recommend it.

I’m in the process of moving house right now so I’m looking forward to setting up my new art studio and office.
I will get working on my comic Tales of Stone again when I’m more settled.

In the Garden

It was so lovely in my garden I took some pictures.

June 2014 garden pictures

I also received my copy of “The Lighthouse Keeper” in the post yesterday by an Illustrator called Zoe Sadler – a project I helped support on Kickstarter. It’s really good and I enjoyed the artwork and story. I’m glad it all worked out for her she should be very proud of it.

Lighthouse Keeper Zoe Sadler

Warner Brothers Studio Tour Visit

Earlier this year I visited the Warner Brother Studios Tour London.

It occurred to me I should probably blog about this because it was amazing.

From an artists point of view I can appreciate the amount of skill and craftsmanship that went into the Harry Potter Movies- there was art everywhere on the tour- too much to take in on one visit really, it was like a Harry Potter museum. Of course I have read all the books, watched all the movies and love the films as well.

I took hundreds of pictures, but my camera ran out of batteries when I got to the art department section which was annoying to say the least. I even met Dobby. I will have to go back one day, I wanted to stay there to be honest.

Skull in a Case Wands and sock hippogriff The Art Department Goblin Armor Gringotts Door House Elf Toy Harrys House Ministry of Magic Statue Mirror of Erised The Quibbler Artwork Chamber of Secrets Door Wizard Paintings The Quibbler Magazine

Illustration in Web Design

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the use of Illustration on the web and in web design, and the way Illustrators present themselves on the web.

My interest and background in web design means I am used to reading web design blogs that showcase best examples of designers portfolio sites and current trends or looks such as Web Design Ledger, Line 25, Smashing Magazine, Noupe to name a few.

They often write articles about the use of Illustration in web design and show beautiful examples of designers websites that have used Illustration. There have been many trends in Illustration in web design over the last 10 years, some I remember are grunge, clean vector illustration, hand drawn and most recently flat illustration.

For example:

Another thing these blogs often do is showcase good examples of designers and photographers websites. The focus is very much on photographers, web designers and graphic designers rather than Illustrators.

This article from Noupe showcases a selection across the disciplines though and I’m sure if I dug deep enough I may find others:

40 Must-See Portfolio-Websites Of Photographers, Illustrators and Photoshop-Artists

I would love to see really great inspiring examples of Illustrators websites because I love it when I come across a really well designed Illustrators website whose art I also admire and enjoy looking at and often bookmark them.

I’ve been thinking of writing some articles to show my favourites but I’ll have to ask the design blogs and Illustrators whether this is ok to do first as it doesn’t seem to happen much.

Any thoughts?