Squirrel in 3D

Today I was feeling ambitious so I made a squirrel in Wings 3D and then painted it and tweaked it a bit in Sculpt GL. I’m using Magica Voxel Viewer for shadows. I have a project I’m doing with squirrels so I wanted a quick reference model for the lighting and angles.

Storytelling and Computer Games

Visual development artists work to create visuals and concepts for modern games. Often big teams of 3D and 2D designers, animators, audio designers and coders implement the completed assets into the chosen game engine.

It was not uncommon in the past of computer game history for one or two people to make a complete game depending on the level of complexity. One game I will always remember and one that still stands out today was called “Another World” because of its innovative use of story driven game play. Two people worked on the game, one of those was Eric Chai who did the art direction and coding, and I think a friend of his did the sound.

I think developments in digital technology and accessibility of Open Source and affordable resources via the Internet are making this a growing opportunity today. The rise of independent creators is testament to this. There is the ability to easily share files and communicate with other skilled people over the Internet. When you have the writing, planning, game development and assets for your game all sorted and perhaps a little team to help you, there is Game Engine software such as Adventure Game Studio, Unity, Blender and Construct 2 among others which you can make a game with. I’ve also heard of people going from big game companies and setting up their own independent studios.

Many independent game developers are creating original and more story driven games. There are some really innovative character and story driven, illustrative and artistic games around now. Some of the ones I’ve seen recently are “Ori and the Blind Forest”, “Troll and I”, “Shelter”, “Shelter 2”Never Alone”, “Below”, “Abzu” and “Hellblade”.

Recently I have been playing the Shelter games by Might and Delight (after a 2 year hiatus on playing games since the excellent Tomb Raider reboot) and I think they are really beautiful and thought provoking games. Very playable as well. They are a little melancholy perhaps, but I was raised on watching Watership Down and David Attenborough wildlife documentary’s so I don’t mind so much. I appreciate the Strong art style and it reminds me a little of Eric Carl’s or Johnathan Woodwards cut out collage technique with strong shapes, colour and texture, but in 3d. I have yet to play through Never Alone, but that is a very interesting looking game and an insight into Native Alaskan culture and storytelling. I would love them to make more games like these. If anyone doubts that computer games can be an art form or educational and fun at the same time, perhaps they should take a look at these titles.
I am more of a casual gamer so I don’t mind the shorter format of such games as long as they have a good beginning, middle and end and are not too expensive for the shorter length.

Mushroom Mesh

This will probably be my last attempt at 3D for a while (so don’t worry- I’m still drawing stuff), but I thought I would show it anyway since I did it.

I made the mesh in Wings 3D and then smoothed it a bit and painted it in Sculpt GL. Digital sculpting is sort of fun but I’m going to stick to digital painting for now. I don’t think it hurts to try different things though, it makes me appreciate how awesome all those 3D artists are.


Squirrel Voxel and Things

Hello again. I’ve made a squirrel this morning using Magica Voxel. I used Magica Voxel Viewer to render the lighting.

Squirrel Voxel no colour Squirrel Voxel

I’ve also been trying out Wings 3d, Its quite friendly for beginners to 3d graphics. I’m not very good at it, but I found that you can export the obj files and view them in Magica Voxel Viewer if you just wanted to work out shadows or lighting for a basic form… Quite a handy little tool.

wierd thing wings 3d blocky wings 3d

I did this study / sketch using Corel Painter last year as well, I had forgotten to upload it. I’ve been looking at the Mori Mori (Forest Girl) inspired fashions lately.

christinegarnerwipstudy1_done christine garner wip study1

Organization and stuff

I have not written anything here for some time, this is mostly because I’ve been very busy- perhaps a little too busy and not organized.
With the start of the new year I resolved to finally tackle the issue of getting all my thoughts and ideas from the last two years organized and write a plan of action for my Illustration portfolio development.

I’d be lying if I said it’s been easy going, and the last few weeks have been like walking through thick mud up a very steep hill with people throwing rocks at my head, but I’ve eventually come up with some planning and organization solutions that are working for me which I thought I would share here:

Portable Kanban

Portable Kanban is a portable Kanban booard for personal task management. I’ve found it great being able to see all of my ideas visually. It also has a pomodoro timer built in.

Portable Kanban

Keynote nf

Keynote nf is a note taking application. I’ve tried many of this type of things over the years, but I really like this one.

Keynote nf

Scrivener and Scapple

Scrivener is great for writing complicated things that need lots of cross referencing with other documents in one place. Scapple is a nice little brainstorming and planning  application. I need these things for my project idea development and writing articles and long documents.

Scrivener and Scapple


LibreOffice comes with a suite of word processing applications (all free).


And last of all there is good old elbow grease, willpower and determination… working on those.