Project thoughts so far for May

Here is a little selection of the sketches, studies and work I’ve been doing over the past several weeks for my portfolio development work.

I love researching about different subjects, it can be difficult to stop researching for me sometimes. I know it doesn’t sound exciting to some people but I love research and discovering and furthering my knowledge about new things and old things and then expressing it through art (well thats the plan…).


Just a little update on my progress so far…

I’ve been doing a set of varied weekly self initiated Illustration projects and I’m up to project 8 now. I’m doing this to challenge myself and develop a portfolio of work. I’ll get my stuff together soon and show some of the development from the different projects.

Many of them so far have developed in unexpected ways, for example one of them introduced me to the art of stump work

This week I’ve started another mini Illustration project to do with folklore. I’m looking into Scottish and my regional Shropshire folklore as well but I’m still not sure which one I’ll go with yet.

I also realize this blog looks pretty boring right now, but I’m saving the re-design until after I get some new work done and I finish the Nnewts 2 pages I have to do so I can really give it my attention.

Reasons for Illustration

As part of my studies and exploration into learning more about Illustration (now that I’m really focusing on the subject and practice full time), I made a little document for some of my brainstorming thinking about the subject “reasons to use illustration”. I have no idea if it is useful to anyone else, but if you have any thoughts, edits or additions please let me know- it’s a work in progress.

reasons to use illustration (PDF)

Digital Watercolour

I’ll start by just admitting that I am a bit of a digital art software geek. I have been doing digital art since a child in the 90’s with pixel art and then after I graduated from university in 2003 I took up digital art again with Corel Painter 8 onwards. I’ve always been fascinated by the re-creation of natural painting media in digital form as well.

However, I’ve never found a really good digital version of watercolours… until now. 😃

I tried a new software called Rebelle which is still in Beta but coming out in May. There is a demo on their website.

This is one of my “brain farts” using Rebelle (what I call random experiments and tests or stuff for fun). The paint runs and drips in such a fun way. When I first tried it I was blown away by it. It is a very simple and user friendly interface as well. It is aimed toward artists who don’t want to have to read a 50 page manual to figure out what to do.

Rebelle Artwork

I did recently get the new version of Adobe Photoshop CC as well just for Alex Dukals and Kyle Websters awesome watercolour brushes. Awesome stuff- the new brush system is really great.

Bee Embroidery Workshop

My mum held a workshop for the British Beekeepers Association at their annual conference Harper Adams University 18th April. They used hand dyed wool fabric from Weeks Dye Works North Carolina.

It was an introduction to hand stitched embroidered techniques on wool felt. They used an original folk art bee themed project designed by me.

Line Art Colour Bee Design Line art bee design

You can see more of my mums work at annies patch