Retrospective: My art over the last 10 years

I got a selection of my art from 2004-2014 together last week and did an assessment on what I thought worked and what didn’t for me. I think it’s useful to look back sometimes in order to move on and improve (or just move on).

I can’t really believe it’s been so long but it has. Here are the “finished” pieces in order of date (I filled a lot of sketchbooks with ideas that I never got to) 2004-2014:


early work post university


Fantasy work

charactersFor some reason I convinced myself I shouldn’t do fairies anymore around this time. I think that was a mistake. I will be doing more fairies in the future.




linework tests

2013-2014- this is a tiny portion of the work I did- this is mostly digital work. I got back into doing traditional mediums as well.

portrait studies 2013 studies2


wordsimagestextilescard comictaleofstone

Author: Christine Garner

I'm an Illustrator from the UK working in digital and traditional mediums with a focus on character design.

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