Update on portfolio development

I’ve been doing a new weekly Illustration project (self initiated) since the end of February. I’m realizing that this process is essential for training discipline but also I believe in having fun and being creative as well- It’s not good to put too much pressure on yourself. I’m still experimenting in different mediums and trying subject matter I have not explored before or for a very long time (Fairies are back- dinosaurs are coming). Its a little like digging into the nicer childhood memories but with a more adult perspective (possibly).

I’m pretty sure my idea of a July launch date for my new website was far too optimistic though. As well as real life getting in the way (nothing bad thankfully) I also got a project which I must dedicate time to every day, flatting comics for Doug TenNaples Nnewts 2- which is awesome :)

I started keeping a little art journal since last August which I put any ideas or creative thoughts I have into to make sure they don’t escape. I’m also keeping a large A3 sketchbook (s) for my project work because I’ve really found that it helps me plan and focus.

My time management skills are getting much better, I’m using an app called Task Coach (Edit: I now prefer ToDoList) to track my progress every day and I found an app called VisioTask which is useful for seeing what I have to do. (Edit: I now use PortableKanban instead).

I also use freemind which helps me plan all sorts of things in digital spider diagrams and I’ve been using that for quite a while (Edit: Scapple is also good).

I’m still deliberating with myself whether or not to post images of what I’ve done with my self initiated projects here as a sort of art journal of my progress rather than wait until some time in the future which I can’t really predict very accurately- pretty sure it will be long after July though.

In other news- I’ve also taken up gardening.

Author: Christine Garner

I'm an Illustrator from the UK working in digital and traditional mediums with a focus on character design.

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