Just a little update on my progress so far…

I’ve been doing a set of varied weekly self initiated Illustration projects and I’m up to project 8 now. I’m doing this to challenge myself and develop a portfolio of work. I’ll get my stuff together soon and show some of the development from the different projects.

Many of them so far have developed in unexpected ways, for example one of them introduced me to the art of stump work

This week I’ve started another mini Illustration project to do with folklore. I’m looking into Scottish and my regional Shropshire folklore as well but I’m still not sure which one I’ll go with yet.

I also realize this blog looks pretty boring right now, but I’m saving the re-design until after I get some new work done and I finish the Nnewts 2 pages I have to do so I can really give it my attention.

Author: Christine Garner

I'm an Illustrator from the UK working in digital and traditional mediums with a focus on character design.

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