More resources and thoughts so far

I have been really busy these past several months developing my skills and working on my art ideas. The other day I visited the NEC to look at the Art Materials Live, Crafts for Christmas and the Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycrafts shows. There were some excellent artists and crafters at the venue and I met some of the presenters from Create and Craft ( yay!).

I’ve also discovered a podcast called the Creative Trek which I have started listening to.

I will still aim to update this blog once a week, however I do want to spend time getting my art to a level I’m happy with showing, and sometimes given other responsibility’s / practicalities of everyday life and my training schedule this will take me longer.

Author: Christine Garner

I'm an Illustrator from the UK working in digital and traditional mediums with a focus on character design.

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