Happy Families
Happy Families Squirrels: Finals

I’ve completed the Happy Families Squirrels project. Here are the Illustrations.

The brief was to illustrate 4-5 images for use on postcards. I did 6 images for postcards and made some patterns as well.

Now on to the next project…. Something to do with folklore for a change from squirrels.

All Together with the squirrel family
All Together with the squirrel family
Brother squirrel
Little Brother squirrel
Little brother squirrel is busy collecting acorns for the family. He is always getting into trouble.
Sister Squirrel
Big sister squirrel loves to help Grandma squirrel bake pies and cakes when she is not busy reading about the natural history of acorns for her school exams.
Mother squirrel
Mother squirrel has taken up painting and is doing a local college course on the art of nuts.
Daddy Squirrel
Daddy squirrel is a keen gardener and likes to pick blackcurrant’s for Grandma Squirrel to make pies.
Grandpa Squirrel
Grandpa squirrel loves to read but is often caught in an afternoon nap.
Grandma squirrel
Grandma squirrel loves to knit amazing things for her family.
Sleepy Knitting Time Pattern
Sleepy Knitting Time Pattern
In the Garden Pattern
In the Garden Pattern
Creative Time Pattern
Creative Time Pattern

Author: Christine Garner

I'm an Illustrator from the UK working in digital and traditional mediums with a focus on character design.

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