Sculpting a Squirrel

I’m warming back into my Tales of Stone Project after a little break. I want to make some 3D reference for my comic. There are quite a lot of squirrel characters in Episode 1 which I still want to explore by doing some more character designs and studies.

I made a model using silver foil and Super Sculpey:

Early stage model

squirrel early stage back

squirrel early stage front

squirrel early stage side

Added details

squirrel early stage2 back

squirrel early stage2 front

squirrel early stage2 side front

Baked Model

squirrel baked side

squirrel baked side2

squirrel baked from top

squirrel baked front

squirrel baked front2

I want to make a cast of this model in Plaster of Paris rather than paint directly onto it because I have found sculpey to be a bit fragile and I want to try different paint designs.


After trying alginate this went pretty wrong and it’s too expensive to do anyway. I’m just going to paint the little bugger instead.

Author: Christine Garner

I'm an Illustrator from the UK working in digital and traditional mediums with a focus on character design.

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