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Resource Round Up: November


I found some more (yes more…) podcasts this month.

There is one called Ask a Freelancer with the same guy that does Creative Pep Talk (Andy J. Miller). This one gives some business tips and advice.

I found one called the Creative South podcast.

There is a podcast that Dribbble does called Overtime.

John Dalton (an artist) interviews other artists and creative people on his Gently does it podcast.

Finally Design Life is a podcast about design and side projects for creative people.


I’ve looked into how animation created for games just as a side interest more than anything, and I found an Open Source program called DragonBones which looks like Spine. If you are into this sort of thing there is also one called Creature which looks pretty cool (I just like looking at the moving pictures, but I would love to learn this stuff).

I’ve been interested in animation for a while and I do actually own a copy of Anime Studio Pro 11 which I’ve only recently got around to learning more about. The first time I opened the program I got scared because it looked so alien to me, but I’ve watched online tutorials and playing around with it. Clip Paint Studio Pro and EX also let you create hand drawn animation which I’m looking into out of curiosity’s sake and I might tale advantage of their sale on until the 28th November.

Unfortunately Krita 3 which does do animation as well does not play well with my Ugee 2150 tablet, so I’m stuck with 2.9 for now.

I used to do simple pixel animation in Degas Elite when I was a kid but I never got very into it, although I did get a program called Asperite to have a go again just for fun.

Over and out.

Resource Round-up for October

I haven’t been posting very often with new art this month because I’ve been planning things and preparing my Illustration business documentation. Hopefully I will be ready by next year at the latest with a new website and much more Illustration.

There are some more podcasts in particular I’ve found around the internet. Here is a round up of the ones I’ve listened to so far.

Lean into Art


Bancroft Brothers Podcast


Adventures in Design


Once upon a sketch


Smart Creative Art


Creative Pep Talk


FZD Design Cinema


Arrest all mimics


Stories Unbound


Make it then tell everybody


Creative Trek


Picture Booking Podcast


Artists Helping Artists


Behind the Brand


Sean Wes


Illustration Age


Your Creative Push


Design Life


Chris Oatley


Society of Illustrators

New Visions

Other things I have noticed have been that Magica Voxel (Open Source voxel art building tool) now supports animation. Its a bit like a 3D Degas Elite (yes I am that old to remember Degas Elite).

Resource Roundup for April

There have been a few useful things I’ve found on my travels around the internet lately…

I found some awesome videos on Creative Morning. Recently I watched one by an Illustrator called Ola Volo.

I found a list of Grimms’ fairytales which I’m going through…

I’ve been watching the amazing and inspiring Ross Draws. I feel like I need to do some more colour dodge action after watching him :).

I found a nice little app called Colour Constructor which helps with designing colours for an image and seeing what the light source and ambient lighting does to the overall scheme. Another useful app for digital painting I found a while ago is called Lazy Nezumi. I told my sister about it and she says it is helping her create nicer more pressure responsive brush strokes in Photoshop with her Wacom Tablet.

I will post some more studies and sketches later, I’ve been painting and drawing everyday this week. I completed the awesome and eye staggeringly beautiful game, Rise of the Tombraider as well. I refused to kill the rabbits and deer though, they reminded me too much of Bambi.



Custom Mixed Media Brush Set for Corel Painter 12

The other day I fully realized how many brushes I have made over the years in Corel Painter 12. I recorded three 30 minute videos using Camtasia Studio of all the brushes in my custom brush set. I sped it up 400% so it’s around 23 minutes long, which is still probably too long but I put some nice calming music on it.
I use a tiny fraction of the brushes in practice, many of them were experiments made during a long process of learning and trying different painting techniques.

After using more traditional mediums these last few years I can honestly say digital still has not caught up or could ever replace the feeling you get with real mediums, but it is very useful for faster work (no drying times and easier to correct mistakes, using layers etc…). Corel Painters brush system is still really nice for blendy effects in particular but other programs are catching up and have better layer support… Krita in particular. I don’t have any preference now for software I use, I just use what works for the approach I want to do. Sometimes I like to mix digital and traditional mediums up.

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