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A Trip to Wonderland

Katherine and I had a nice day out in Wonderland (Telford) this weekend. It was nice to re-live some childhood memories although things have changed a little since I last went around 29 years ago.

I thought it was a nice woodland walk with some sculptural fantasy inspired art work to boot. Katherine said it was more relaxing than Disney Land.
We got lost in the maze for a while though.

Here are some pictures I took.

Moving House

I recently completed a Foundation Diploma in Art, Media and Design at Telford College of Arts and Technology. I achieved distinction level.

Their art department had had a complete re-design last year and their facilities, students and staff are amazing. I had a great time (apart from the Glandular Fever LOL) and I would recommend it.

I’m in the process of moving house right now so I’m looking forward to setting up my new art studio and office.
I will get working on my comic Tales of Stone again when I’m more settled.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour Visit

Earlier this year I visited the Warner Brother Studios Tour London.

It occurred to me I should probably blog about this because it was amazing.

From an artists point of view I can appreciate the amount of skill and craftsmanship that went into the Harry Potter Movies- there was art everywhere on the tour- too much to take in on one visit really, it was like a Harry Potter museum. Of course I have read all the books, watched all the movies and love the films as well.

I took hundreds of pictures, but my camera ran out of batteries when I got to the art department section which was annoying to say the least. I even met Dobby. I will have to go back one day, I wanted to stay there to be honest.

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