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Deer and Floral Pattern Process

I vectorised the elements for my hand drawn pattern motif and then created a seamless pattern in Affinity Designer by repeating elements and creating new ones to fill in the center.

Vector Deer Motif Vector Deer Floral Repeat

I came up with an overall colour scheme for the elements and a few different background colours for this design.

Vector Deer Pattern White Vector Deer Pattern Brown Vector Deer Pattern Blue

Hand Drawn Pattern Process

I’ve been designing a new repeating pattern based on sketches I did last year when I was looking at folk art and stump work embroidery. This time I thought I would do it the old fashioned way on paper just to get the design process going. I am also vectorising the drawn elements and I will try different colour and layout variations when that is done.

Pattern Motif
Pattern Motif Stage 1
Pattern Motif Stage 2
Pattern Motif Stage 2
Pattern Motif Stage 3
Pattern Motif Stage 3
Pattern Motif Stage 4
Pattern Motif Stage 4

Designs on Spoonflower Available

One of the things I am working on is making pattern designs for fabric in collaboration with my mum who sews, makes quilts and runs workshops. I have one design available so far at Spoonflower which is of the Siamese Fighting Fish Watercolours I did earlier in the year.

siamese and gold pattern
Siamese Fighting Fish and Goldfish Pattern

I will be making more themed sets and pattern designs available soon based around my interests, including the happy families squirrels.

Squirrel Pattern Development 2

I made an acorn to go with my pattern. I then added a little more contrast to the squirrel I had done to tie them together more.
I expect the more details I add I will have to do this back and forth update process, so I’m going to work on some more squirrels and other motifs for a while before I update this project again.


Squirrel Pattern

I’m developing another pattern set based on squirrels. My plan is to paint 5 or 6 squirrels in different poses and some motifs like acorns and leaves to make some patterns out of. So far I have established the art style to go with this set which will be friendly, cute and colourful.

Here’s a sneak peek so far…
squirrel1 motif
test 3ba5squirrel test 3ba4squirrel


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