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Sketchbook Studies

I put some of my recent sketches from various sketchbooks together. These are some random ideas I’ve been working on.

sketchbook studies

I also found some observation studies of acorn tops in pencil  I did last year.
Acorn tops

These are some fine liner pen studies I did of birds over a few days in January for some pen drawing practice. I scanned them into my computer and put a shade behind them in Photoshop to show the silhouette’s better.
Bird Pen Sketches

September is here!

Here is another drawing I’ve done using traditional and digital media.

It is a little bird. I love drawing animals and I’m doing some more.

A little birdy
Here are some sketches from earlier this year. I’ve been taking lots of courses at the School of Visual Storytelling and learning new things and drawing everyday from life, out of books and from photo references I’ve found on the internet. It has been great, but sometimes it feels overwhelming and it’s good to reflect on things now and then to make sure I’m heading in the right direction.
sketches 2016
All of this experimentation with different art mediums and delving into my interests by doing personal projects has helped me define my interests and voice. I’ve just got to keep going. See you next week.

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