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Geeking out about digital art again

I found some pretty nifty looking digital art applications these last few months. I’ve been a bit of a digital art geek since around 2004 when I first tried to learn how to use it with a tiny almost useless tablet with no pressure sensitivity and Corel Painter 8 student edition (I’m now on Painter 2016).

I have used traditional media much more in recent years because (in my opinion) there are some things digital art can still fall short on and it saves my eyes from the monitor glare.

But I digress. Digital art is really accessible now with Open Source projects such as Krita and cheaper tablets.

I found a free 3D sculpting tool called Dilay a few months ago, which is very similar to Sculptris, but it is Open Source and seems more stable.

Another intriguing software recently released is called Expresii. This reminds me of Rebelle, but it simulates Eastern ink painting/calligraphy. There is much more about all of that on their blog which is quite interesting to read. I tried the Lite version on my laptop with my cheap Ugee tablet and it seemed to work fine although I think a more powerful computer is recommended as it really makes the graphic card work overtime. I might try it on my work computer at some point which has more processing power and see if it works OK before I make a proper judgement on it.

Over and out… I need to get some paintings scanned in.

Edit: 29 August 2016

I tried Expresii with my Ugee 2150 and it works fine. Nice program, I wish them luck with it, its fun to use and very expressive to paint with.

Custom Mixed Media Brush Set for Corel Painter 12

The other day I fully realized how many brushes I have made over the years in Corel Painter 12. I recorded three 30 minute videos using Camtasia Studio of all the brushes in my custom brush set. I sped it up 400% so it’s around 23 minutes long, which is still probably too long but I put some nice calming music on it.
I use a tiny fraction of the brushes in practice, many of them were experiments made during a long process of learning and trying different painting techniques.

After using more traditional mediums these last few years I can honestly say digital still has not caught up or could ever replace the feeling you get with real mediums, but it is very useful for faster work (no drying times and easier to correct mistakes, using layers etc…). Corel Painters brush system is still really nice for blendy effects in particular but other programs are catching up and have better layer support… Krita in particular. I don’t have any preference now for software I use, I just use what works for the approach I want to do. Sometimes I like to mix digital and traditional mediums up.

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