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River Folklore of Shropshire

I’ve started a new project this week to illustrate various aspects about the folklore of the River Severn in Shropshire which is my home county. I did a lot of research upon this subject last year as one of my weekly project challenges to get me in the zone for learning the ins and outs of Illustration. I have already decided that this project will not feature any squirrels…

Originally I was going to write an accompanying article and do spot Illustrations, however I realised that incorporating the research in a visual form would be more fun and more up my street. The writing the article myself part was a stumbling block in the way of this project for me.

I’ve gathered sketches and ideas together for this project and I’m currently doing medium tests and studies for the Illustrations.

Here are a few I’ve done so far. I like to keep them fast and loose in the early stages so it doesn’t get in the way of ideas.

River Folklore Sketches Water Lady
Digital pencil tests
I’ll keep you posted on my progress :-)

Happy Families Squirrels: Finals

I’ve completed the Happy Families Squirrels project. Here are the Illustrations.

The brief was to illustrate 4-5 images for use on postcards. I did 6 images for postcards and made some patterns as well.

Now on to the next project…. Something to do with folklore for a change from squirrels.

All Together with the squirrel family
All Together with the squirrel family
Brother squirrel
Little Brother squirrel
Little brother squirrel is busy collecting acorns for the family. He is always getting into trouble.
Sister Squirrel
Big sister squirrel loves to help Grandma squirrel bake pies and cakes when she is not busy reading about the natural history of acorns for her school exams.
Mother squirrel
Mother squirrel has taken up painting and is doing a local college course on the art of nuts.
Daddy Squirrel
Daddy squirrel is a keen gardener and likes to pick blackcurrant’s for Grandma Squirrel to make pies.
Grandpa Squirrel
Grandpa squirrel loves to read but is often caught in an afternoon nap.
Grandma squirrel
Grandma squirrel loves to knit amazing things for her family.
Sleepy Knitting Time Pattern
Sleepy Knitting Time Pattern
In the Garden Pattern
In the Garden Pattern
Creative Time Pattern
Creative Time Pattern

Happy Families: Squirrel Family

I’m working on some new Illustrations this week for a project I want to get finished by the end of this month. I’m doing some Illustrations for cards based on the theme of “Happy Families”. I chose to do a squirrel family a while ago. I have been doing many pictures of squirrels over the past year or so and I will move on to a different animal after this project is complete (maybe rabbits….).

happy families squirrels
These are some development stages so far. I’ve chosen to do a simpler style for these because they will be printed out quite small onto business card sized cards- perhaps postcards as well, with a short description of each character on the back. I’m also thinking about making some patterns based on them in the future.

I did a short video a while ago with some of the sketches that went into the making of this project:


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