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Closest thing to fan art I’ve ever done

As a rule I don’t do “fan art”, in fact this is more a study than fan art to try out my watercolour pencils. It’s from one of Brian Froud’s books on the Dark Crystal I’ve got. Brian Froud’s work is awesome, he’s one of the Illustrators whose work inspired me to do art when I was young. Some of the crazy things he comes up with boggle my mind (in a good way). This character is one of the Mystics from the Dark Crystal film.

dark crystal study

Blue Siamese Fighting Fish

Blue Siamese Fighting Fish

I’ve been trying to keep things a bit looser in my last few Illustrations so that I retain and create some pencil texture in the Illustrations. For this Illustration I started by scanning in a coloured pencil drawing and then working on it some more in Krita until I was happy with it. I find there is always a temptation to overwork digital art, but it also depends on the effect you are going for. This is for a pattern I am currently developing.

Fish and birds in watercolour and pencil

These last few weeks I’ve been happy combining watercolour pencils, colour pencils, Uni Posca Pens and digital media. After much trial and error I’m getting much happier with my process now and I have a lot of material to go back through and create portfolio pieces with. Two years of drawing everyday since my art course has created loads of ideas in my sketchbooks and I think I’m improving.

I still have more images just from the last week to clean up for this blog but here are a few I’ve been working on.

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