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Portfolio Development

Hi again. I thought I would post some screenshots of the project management tools that have helped me organize and make sense of my portfolio project development and learning today. I’ve been using a tool called Portable Kanban and one called Treeline.

Treeline Portable Kanban

I read up on more project management techniques several months ago and I’ve refined my process as I’ve worked on my own projects. Keeping these systems also lets me see a complete visual overview of what I’m doing and I keep a journal for each project which I can then refer back to or use for task management. I also link to the folder my project is in on my computer and it makes finding files a lot faster.

Narrative Games

I made a post on storytelling and games which touched on interactive writing a while ago and then got busy doing my art projects to develop my portfolio. I thought I would revisit this topic a little because I’ve heard of another Open Source interactive story telling tool called Ink developed by Inkle.

Ink can be used with the game engine Unity to make visual interactive narrative based games, such as the Sorcery series based on the Fighting Fantasy books by Steve Jackson which I used to read as a kid. They made a web tool called Inklewriter as well for people to write their own interactive stories. It sounds like a fun way to get into writing and game development so I thought I’d write about it. Reading and writing also helps me think and develop ideas for my Illustrations as well as being fun to do.

I’m still busy doing work on my personal projects to develop my Illustration portfolio and I’ll be going on a short holiday soon where I can really focus on my drawing and writing because I’ll have no internet for 3 weeks. I’ll let you know how that goes…

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