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Happy Families: Squirrel Family

I’m working on some new Illustrations this week for a project I want to get finished by the end of this month. I’m doing some Illustrations for cards based on the theme of “Happy Families”. I chose to do a squirrel family a while ago. I have been doing many pictures of squirrels over the past year or so and I will move on to a different animal after this project is complete (maybe rabbits….).

happy families squirrels
These are some development stages so far. I’ve chosen to do a simpler style for these because they will be printed out quite small onto business card sized cards- perhaps postcards as well, with a short description of each character on the back. I’m also thinking about making some patterns based on them in the future.

I did a short video a while ago with some of the sketches that went into the making of this project:


Resource Roundup for April

There have been a few useful things I’ve found on my travels around the internet lately…

I found some awesome videos on Creative Morning. Recently I watched one by an Illustrator called Ola Volo.

I found a list of Grimms’ fairytales which I’m going through…

I’ve been watching the amazing and inspiring Ross Draws. I feel like I need to do some more colour dodge action after watching him :).

I found a nice little app called Colour Constructor which helps with designing colours for an image and seeing what the light source and ambient lighting does to the overall scheme. Another useful app for digital painting I found a while ago is called Lazy Nezumi. I told my sister about it and she says it is helping her create nicer more pressure responsive brush strokes in Photoshop with her Wacom Tablet.

I will post some more studies and sketches later, I’ve been painting and drawing everyday this week. I completed the awesome and eye staggeringly beautiful game, Rise of the Tombraider as well. I refused to kill the rabbits and deer though, they reminded me too much of Bambi.



Sketchbooks and Studies

Here are my sketchbooks and journals from the last year and a half. Its been really great being able to get into my art.

sketchbook pile2 sketchbook pile

I am still developing my art style, however here are some recent studies I’ve done that are getting closer to what I want.

head studies style sketch elven maiden

I’ve also still been using Corel Painter as well despite all of the other great digital art programs I’ve found. I still love the brushes in Painter, they still have no equal in terms of blending. I took a chance yesterday and updated to Corel Painter 2016 while it was on special offer because I heard it has better layer support than previous versions. Thankfully it does! I can now use layer techniques in Painter with my custom brushes rather than just painting on one layer. I am really happy :-)

Here is a little study and style test I made in Corel Painter 12 of a scene in Blade Runner earlier this year.

bladerunner girl


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