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Resource Roundup April

I thought I’d write about a few resources I’ve found lately that might be useful to someone else as well (occasionally I post links to things on my Twitter, but I want to give some context).

I have been an avid listener of the Seanwes podcast for the last few months since I discovered it. I only wish it had been around 7 years ago but what can you do. Learning from your own mistakes is pretty essential anyway, and I’ve learned a lot let me assure you.

I found this awesome video which explains the 12 basic principles of animation. I don’t do animation mind- but I have always been interested in it and I have to get around to learning Toon Boom Studio at some point:

The illusion of life from cento lodigiani on Vimeo.

Another thing I’ve seen lately is the release of a new digital painting tool called Rebelle which looks similar to ArtRage in that it simulates real medium- in this case Watercolour. This is not so much a recommendation because I have not tried it but it looks interesting. I have enough software for now though and I quite like using the real thing as well. Hopefully there will be some reviews of it at some point.

Yet another piece of art software I came across is called Hexels. This is for isometric art lovers really. Whilst I admire such art I’m not sure about trying it myself just yet.

So that’s that for now. I’m thinking of providing free resources and my learning notes from the years gone by at some point, so stay tuned.

Retrospective: My art over the last 10 years

I got a selection of my art from 2004-2014 together last week and did an assessment on what I thought worked and what didn’t for me. I think it’s useful to look back sometimes in order to move on and improve (or just move on).

I can’t really believe it’s been so long but it has. Here are the “finished” pieces in order of date (I filled a lot of sketchbooks with ideas that I never got to) 2004-2014:


early work post university


Fantasy work

charactersFor some reason I convinced myself I shouldn’t do fairies anymore around this time. I think that was a mistake. I will be doing more fairies in the future.




linework tests

2013-2014- this is a tiny portion of the work I did- this is mostly digital work. I got back into doing traditional mediums as well.

portrait studies 2013 studies2


wordsimagestextilescard comictaleofstone

Testing Krita

I had a little go of the open source painting software called Krita. I really like it so far just after a few days and it has some really interesting brushes. The interface was a bit odd to me at first but I now prefer it to Corel Painter’s interface- it just seems friendlier somehow. It also has a wrap-around mode which is very useful for creating seamless patterns very easily.

I did this sketch of a bunny just messing about with some brushes:

krita bunny

I made a pattern in Krita and used it as a repeating background for this picture I did of a bison. The Bison was painted in Corel Painter 12 with my own brush set.



Retrospective: The Toff

In 2010 I was commissioned by FHM magazine to do an Illustration to go with an article “How to Pull a Toff”.


I had less than 2 days to do the job with some guidelines of how they wanted the character to be dressed- quite specific and stereotypical- a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, shorts and tights, Ugg boots and wearing sunglasses on her head. It was my first real experience of a published Illustration commission- the money really helped me that year as I only had a temporary job and I was proud to work for an established magazine. I remember at the time I wanted to create an Illustration of the character that wasn’t distrespectful to women and chanelled a sort of “Lara Croft attitude” as that was my initial idea of an educated, young, rich, fashionable, horse riding sort of woman at the time. In short I wanted her to look like she was saying- “you can try to pull me but don’t for one minute think you actually can”.



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