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Blue Siamese Fighting Fish

Blue Siamese Fighting Fish

I’ve been trying to keep things a bit looser in my last few Illustrations so that I retain and create some pencil texture in the Illustrations. For this Illustration I started by scanning in a coloured pencil drawing and then working on it some more in Krita until I was happy with it. I find there is always a temptation to overwork digital art, but it also depends on the effect you are going for. This is for a pattern I am currently developing.

Squirrel and another few resources

Hello again.

I finished this picture a few days ago.  It’s another style study / practice about squirrels for a larger project I’m working on. I used the open source painting software Krita for this one and combined some techniques I learned from my sister while I was helping flat the 2nd book in the Nnewts series for her.

Squirrel on a branch

I also found another app that is pretty useful for gathering reference together while you are working on the computer. Its called PureRef. Here’s an example of what I mean: In the app you can zoom in on any image and arrange images however you want and save different scenes for different projects.

Testing Krita

I had a little go of the open source painting software called Krita. I really like it so far just after a few days and it has some really interesting brushes. The interface was a bit odd to me at first but I now prefer it to Corel Painter’s interface- it just seems friendlier somehow. It also has a wrap-around mode which is very useful for creating seamless patterns very easily.

I did this sketch of a bunny just messing about with some brushes:

krita bunny

I made a pattern in Krita and used it as a repeating background for this picture I did of a bison. The Bison was painted in Corel Painter 12 with my own brush set.



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