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Hello 2017

I finished off some small illustrations I’ve been working on and thought I may as well post them here before the year was out.

startail the squirrel
Startail the squirrel

I have plans to keep learning new skills, improve on existing ones and work on my portfolio. I am going to work on, prune and refine my existing portfolio in the coming year.

I think I’ve made progress this year in finding techniques and processes that work better for my creation of Illustrations and I’m excited to learn how to animate in Anime Studio Pro and maybe learn a bit of 3D in Blender as well.

Deer and Floral Pattern Process

I vectorised the elements for my hand drawn pattern motif and then created a seamless pattern in Affinity Designer by repeating elements and creating new ones to fill in the center.

Vector Deer Motif Vector Deer Floral Repeat

I came up with an overall colour scheme for the elements and a few different background colours for this design.

Vector Deer Pattern White Vector Deer Pattern Brown Vector Deer Pattern Blue

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