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Sketchbook Studies

I put some of my recent sketches from various sketchbooks together. These are some random ideas I’ve been working on.

sketchbook studies

I also found some observation studies of acorn tops in pencil  I did last year.
Acorn tops

These are some fine liner pen studies I did of birds over a few days in January for some pen drawing practice. I scanned them into my computer and put a shade behind them in Photoshop to show the silhouette’s better.
Bird Pen Sketches

Hand Drawn Pattern Process

I’ve been designing a new repeating pattern based on sketches I did last year when I was looking at folk art and stump work embroidery. This time I thought I would do it the old fashioned way on paper just to get the design process going. I am also vectorising the drawn elements and I will try different colour and layout variations when that is done.

Pattern Motif
Pattern Motif Stage 1
Pattern Motif Stage 2
Pattern Motif Stage 2
Pattern Motif Stage 3
Pattern Motif Stage 3
Pattern Motif Stage 4
Pattern Motif Stage 4
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