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Closest thing to fan art I’ve ever done

As a rule I don’t do “fan art”, in fact this is more a study than fan art to try out my watercolour pencils. It’s from one of Brian Froud’s books on the Dark Crystal I’ve got. Brian Froud’s work is awesome, he’s one of the Illustrators whose work inspired me to do art when I was young. Some of the crazy things he comes up with boggle my mind (in a good way). This character is one of the Mystics from the Dark Crystal film.

dark crystal study

Pagodas and a cat

Here are a few studies of pagoda types and Asian architecture. Lots more work to do with this subject but it’s really interesting looking at different architecture types.

Pagoda architecture studies

I did this cat study a short while ago when I was trying out some different techniques in Photoshop to create texture.

I have some more sketches to show, but I’ll post them later on in the week.

Cat texture study

Sketchbook Studies

I put some of my recent sketches from various sketchbooks together. These are some random ideas I’ve been working on.

sketchbook studies

I also found some observation studies of acorn tops in pencil  I did last year.
Acorn tops

These are some fine liner pen studies I did of birds over a few days in January for some pen drawing practice. I scanned them into my computer and put a shade behind them in Photoshop to show the silhouette’s better.
Bird Pen Sketches

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